[ January 7, 2014 ]
Comment on Proposed Oil & Gas Regulations

In mid-December, the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) issued proposed changes to the state’s oil and gas regulations, known as Chapter 78 of the Pennsylvania Code. Act 13, the oil and gas law passed in 2012, requires DEP to make Read the rest

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[ June 22, 2011 ]
Lobby Day, June 2011 Recap: Pennsylvania’s largest lobby day seen to date on Marcellus Shale Pennsylvania Campaign for Clean Water members and activists went to Harrisburg on Tuesday, June 7, 2011 for a lobby day and rally to protest Marcellus Shale natural gas drilling. Over 150 meetings were held with lawmakers to discuss issues with Marcellus Shale drilling, including meetings with 45 of the 50 Pennsylvania state senators. The focus was on protecting public health and drinking water supplies.

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[ July 8, 2010 ]

We’re in the homestretch for two important victories protecting Pennsylvania’s water!

On June 17, the Independent Regulatory Review Commission (IRRC) approved two new set of regulations supported by the PA Campaign for Clean Water.  The first changed the state’s rule … Read the rest

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[ May 24, 2010 ]

EV and HQ streams are almost 20% of Pennsylvania’s river and stream miles.  They are our best streams, with the best water quality, healthiest fish populations and most pristine habitat.  Many run through state parks, state forest and game land, … Read the rest

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[ March 16, 2010 ]

In the coming years, as many as five thousand wells may be drilled across northern and western Pennsylvania for natural gas.  These new wells will be drilled into a rock formation known as Marcellus shale, where potentially big reserves of … Read the rest

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[ March 16, 2010 ]

Exceptional Value (EV) streams are the state’s best and most pristine streams, and represent about 3% of the state’s stream miles.  High Quality (HQ) streams are another 15% of our streams, and are the next best streams in our state.… Read the rest

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[ March 16, 2010 ]

Wetlands prevent flooding by soaking up rain and releasing it slowly. They provide habitat for many plant and animal species too, including lots of threatened and endangered species. Pennsylvania has already lost half of our wetlands, and can’t afford to … Read the rest